About Us

Welcome to Selvam Coco Tech. We are the global coir manufacturer providing the highest quality products, service and solution to our customer.Our goal is to develop a fruitful relationship with all our sellers and buyers by creating value for each and every concerned individual. We will always try to be at the top of our industry by introducing creativity and innovation in all our products and various developments to meet the requirements of each and every customers and market demand.

Selvam Coco Tech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of 100% natural and organic coir, Coco Peat Products & Grow Bags. Selvam Coco Tech works with a mission to develop and promote our coir products in both domestic and international market place. Being one of the the best in Coir Industry, our major concentrated area continues to be coir and coir related products, we have diversified in a big way to Coco Peat Block, Coir Fibre, Coir Yarn, Grow Bags and Curled Coir Rope etc.. Selvam Coco Tech, located in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu is specialised in all the above mentioned products.


A company’s success depends on its infrastructure and we can give you assurance that our infrastructure is the best that one can ever provide. As of now, Selvam Coco Tech has production unit located in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu due to the availability of raw material in abundance in that particular area.

A Decade Experience

Selvam Coco Tech the leading coir products manufacturer was established way back in the year 2008. We started our journey as a small firm a decade ago and moved into manufacturing of coir products to meet the high demands of our clients.

Quality Parameters

When it comes to quality, Selvam Coco Tech stands tall among all our competitors. We are so proud to say that all our coir products are of utmost quality. We are incomparable in terms of quality.

In house Machineries

In House Machineries are one of our advantage as well as our strengths. We are wide range of machineries to make coir products in various sizes and forms according to our customer’s needs.

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